Debunking Common Laser Hair Removal Myths

Even though laser hair removal is a popular treatment at our Anchorage med spa, several myths persist about the procedure. Unfortunately, these myths may prevent some people from considering laser hair removal as a solution for unwanted hair. In this blog post, I’ll identify some of these misconceptions and provide facts that can help you decide if you can benefit from the treatment.

Myth vs. Fact

You may have encountered one or more of these myths while researching laser hair removal treatments. If so, you may want to reassess if you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

  • People with dark skin can’t get laser hair removal. The contrast between the skin and hair colors is what’s important to consider. Our med spa offers advanced laser technology that can treat people of all skin tones who want to reduce unwanted hair. Our providers are experienced using lasers for hair removal and customize the settings depending on the patients’ skin color.
  • It’s effective, regardless of the patient’s hair color. As mentioned above, laser hair removal treatments work best when there’s more contrast between the hair color and the skin tone. The treatment works well for patients with darker hair and light skin. People with blonde, white, or red hair may not get the desired results.
  • Your hair will grow back. Many people ask if the treatment permanently removes hair. The answer is that laser hair removal technology destroys hair follicles of actively growing hair, meaning the procedures result in a nearly permanent reduction of unwanted hair. Because hair grows in cycles, it can take multiple treatments to get the desired results. Hair rarely grows back, but the treatment doesn’t remove all hair.
  • Only women get laser hair removal. Unwanted hair is one of the cosmetic concerns that men and women share. Laser hair removal is the second-most popular nonsurgical treatment for men, behind only BOTOX® Cosmetic injections, according to 2018 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. What’s more, it’s becoming even more popular among men. For men, the number of laser hair removal treatments performed in 2018 was 5% greater than in 2017.
  • It’s painful. Patients often believe any laser treatment is going to involve pain. But that’s not true for the majority of laser hair removal treatments. Compared to using tweezers to pluck eyebrows or waxing, laser hair removal treatments are more comfortable. Of course, this depends on the treatment area and a patient’s pain tolerance. Laser hair removal performed by experienced and qualified providers should feel similar to a rubber band snapping the skin.
  • Anybody can perform laser hair removal. We’ve mentioned experienced, qualified providers a couple of times already in this blog post. That really can’t be emphasized enough. Even though laser hair removal treatments are easy to find, be sure that you choose a trained and experienced laser technician to ensure you get safe and effective treatments.

As a licensed esthetician at the Med Spa at ACENT, I have specialized training in laser treatments, including skin rejuvenation procedures that improve the skin’s appearance.

If you’ve been putting off laser hair removal treatments because you didn’t think they could help, contact us using the online form to request a consultation or call our medical spa in Anchorage at (907) 279-8800 to schedule an appointment.