Hearing Aids That Actually Impressed Me

In my 48 years of wearing hearing devices due to congenital hearing loss, along with more than 22 years in the hearing healthcare field including territory sales for manufacturers, I’ve seen (and not heard, pun intended) just about everything in regards to the marketing of new technologies in hearing aids.

In my time in Anchorage at ACENT and beyond, with my severe to profound loss, I noticed incremental improvements over the years of technology “leaps,” but nothing I would conclude as being the best thing since sliced bread.

It takes quite a bit to get kudos from me, but these new technologies certainly deserve it. I was speechless and stunned as these tiny devices powered up, a rarity when it comes to me programming new “best small product out there” devices.

What I used to call marketing “mumbo jumbo” actually works. I’m able to hear and, obviously more important, understand my kids and others, even from behind me and in noisy restaurants. More importantly, the clarity in normal everyday environments is so much better.

Now with the ability to stream audio from smartphones, tablets, and other sources directly to my ears, Miles Davis never sounded so good!

Don’t take my word for it though. Hear the difference for yourself; contact us to make an appointment for a demo. You can take the devices home with you for a week at no charge to you (just bring them back as others want to try!) and kick the tires. This lets you see how they work in your everyday lives.

Better hearing, better life!