Charging Ahead on Hearing Aid Technology

Signia hearing aids and battery for recharging them

Technology has driven many improvements in hearing aids, and our Anchorage, Alaska patients are always quick to take advantage of them — from fully automatic functionality to streaming services from smartphones. Yet one thing has remained constant through all these advancements over the years: battery consumption.

On average, batteries have to be changed in hearing devices every week. Some last less and others more, depending on the battery size and power of the device. And with the additional need for streaming phone calls and audio to rely on them, batteries drain even faster. I’m always carrying replacement batteries in my pocket!

Introducing: Rechargeable options.

Currently, Siemens has a rechargeable system called the eCharger. This uses nickel metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries. This system has been available for several years, and it works very well. Its only drawback is that daily use averages 14 to 16 hours, which for many patients is fine. However with the recent technology advances that allow for streaming audio from smartphones and tablets to the hearing aids, battery drain increases with regular daily use, meaning that the charge may deplete by the day’s end.

Signia has introduced a second rechargeable option called the Cellion primax. This is the world’s first hearing aid with lithium-ion inductive charging — perfect for those who don’t want the hassle of changing batteries anymore. This product’s power cell lasts 24 hours straight — without charging — even with unlimited streaming from smartphones and tablets.

The Cellion is available in the primax 5 and 7 series RIC styles (receiver in canal) the most popular hearing device style on the market today.

Cellion primax uses a processing strategy called SpeechMaster to single out the dominant speaker, highlighting that voice and delivering excellent sound quality. This is done via a three-prong approach: The chip processor uses noise reduction, directionality, and amplification.

There’s more.

The noise reduction algorithm reduces back noise (it doesn’t eliminate it; even normal hearing people can’t do that!). The directional microphones focus on the location of the target speaker, and amplification then elevates that target speaker over all other sounds in the environment.

We’ve had great success with the primax chip, and now with the option of Cellion battery-free lithium-ion technology, it’s a pairing that will no doubt make our ENT patients here in Anchorage very happy — and improve their quality of life through better hearing!

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Request an appointment for a free demo today, and hear the difference for yourself.

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