This Summer, Protect Your Hearing

Summer’s here, and outdoors we go here in Alaska! It can be noisy out there with concerts, air travel, sporting events, and other loud environmental sounds. Of course, here at our ear, nose, and throat practice, we’re always thinking about keeping our Anchorage patients’ hearing in tiptop shape. That’s why we think you should know about a great new product that has literally been flying off our shelves. It’s called the Westone TRU™.

The TRU is a full-frequency precision hearing protection system that uses acoustic filter technology to reduce the overall volume coming in, while maintaining the sound quality across the sound frequency spectrum.

What this means in plain English is that unlike traditional earplugs, which reduce the loudness but also ruin the quality of sound and dampen what you hear, the Westone TRU allows for excellent retention of the sound while lowering the overall loudness. It’s the power to hear everything, at a safe volume.

Here’s what Westone says:

“TRU offers excellent protection and comfortable long-term wear for on-the-job scenarios, as well as everyday use where speech or music clarity is a must. Utilizing advanced acoustic filter technology, TRU hearing protection has been critically tuned to reduce volume yet maintain sound quality across the sound frequency spectrum. The result is a comfortable and transparent listening experience for professional musicians and recreational users.”

Made from silicone, the TRU system comes with 2 sizes in each box, so it can fit most people. Because they’re low profile, the earplugs aren’t noticeable at all — at least in its most popular smoke color. Or you can make more of a statement if you like with the blue and pink options!

Best of all is the price: just $30 for the set. How can you beat that?! Great hearing protection for all types of environments, with full fidelity to boot.

If you have any questions about the Westone TRU, give us at ACENT a shout, and have a great summer!