Virtual Consultations Available at ACENT

When Covid-19 hit, we immediately realized that we had to operate differently. We needed to continue to provide care to our patients but needed to keep our patients and staff safe and do all we could to prevent spread of the virus.

Telemedicine had been a consideration for us for some time; it seemed like a perfect way to reach patients in more distant regions of the state. Covid-19 made telemedicine an urgent priority. Our staff did an incredible job of standing up a working videoteleconference (VTC) platform in a matter of days.

It took a total team effort, as every aspect of a practice – clinical care, scheduling, customer service, business – must work together to make telemedicine work. It was incredible that we were actually doing the majority of our patient encounters by VTC less than a month after we started.

We’ve had a lot of great feedback and have made our platform more reliable and user-friendly. We’ve taken to heart those of you who have asked us to keep up this aspect of our practice, and we will continue offer telemedicine appointments on a permanent basis.

Here at the Alaska Center for Ear, Nose and Throat in Anchorage, our team is here for you. Request your virtual consultation online or get in touch with us via phone at (907) 279-8800.