Nasal Congestion Treatment

Nasal congestion is a common complaint, but you may want to seek help from our Anchorage, Alaska, ENT specialists if a chronically stuffy nose is having a significant impact on your quality of life. Our board-certified ENT specialists diagnose the causes of chronic congestion, and provide surgical solutions that help you breathe comfortably through your nose.

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Treatment Options

Allergies and sinus infections are common causes of nasal congestion. These are generally treated with medications prescribed by your primary care provider or an allergist. Chronic sinus infections may require sinus surgery from one of our specialists.

At ACENT, we specialize in the surgical treatment of the structural problems that can cause stuffy noses. If your stuffy nose is due to chronic rhinitis, you may be a candidate for a nonsurgical procedure called ClariFix®. Your treatment will depend on the cause of your chronic congestion.

Adenoidectomy: Enlarged adenoids are quite commonly the culprit of chronic stuffy noses, especially in children. Adenoidectomy is surgery to remove the adenoids and alleviate nasal congestion.

Septoplasty: Nasal valve collapse or septal deviation are among the most common reasons people come to our ENT specialists. These are typically caused by prior nose surgery or trauma (broken nose). Our specialists perform septoplasty to repair damage, improve breathing, and in some cases, enhance the appearance of the nose.

Interior turbinate reduction surgery: Enlarged turbinates (bony structures inside the nose) can impede airflow; our specialists perform interior turbinate reduction surgery to expand the airway, often at the same time as septoplasty.

Sinus surgery: Polyps are benign tissue growths which can develop in the nasal passages or sinuses and constrict airflow. Many patients who suffer from polyps benefit from sinus surgery. Some patients may also benefit from a nonsurgical treatment option called SINUVA™.

We proudly offer our patients the convenience and comfort of an on-site, state-of-the-art  CT scanner. People appreciate that they don’t have to make a second appointment at a different facility, and that our machine allows them to sit upright in an open design. This technology allows us to quickly diagnose the cause of your stuffy nose, and get your treatment started sooner. It also helps us to evaluate the effectiveness of medical and surgical therapies.

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