Sinus Surgery

The specialists at Alaska Center for Ear, Nose, and Throat (ACENT) trained under many of the recognized worldwide leaders in the field of modern sinus surgery. In Anchorage, our board-certified otolaryngologists routinely perform primary surgeries, as well as repair and revision procedures, for improved sinus function.

We are particularly well-trained, skilled, and experienced at sinus surgery. If you're considering sinus treatment in Alaska we encourage you to request a consultation or call (907) 279-8800 for an appointment with us before selecting your surgeon. For our Homer and surrounding patients, please call (907) 235-0310.

Our highly-trained providers look forward to meeting you and answering all of your questions.

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Our sinus treatments fall into two broad categories: primary surgery and revision surgery. People suffering from chronic sinusitis that hasn't responded to medication can benefit greatly from sinus surgery. Surgery is also appropriate when bouts of sinusitis become so frequent – even when medication provides temporary relief – that your quality of life is impacted.

Our ability to treat sinus ailments is also enhanced by the use of an on-site CT scanner that not only helps in the disease diagnosis, but also allows us to assess the effectiveness of medical and surgical therapies. We strive to review all scans with patients personally to help them better understand their disease and our recommendations.

Endoscopic sinus surgery is the standard procedure used to establish, or re-establish, improved sinus drainage into the nose. Blocked sinuses typically lead to recurring, sometimes painful, infections. Endoscopic surgery is a precise procedure targeting the affected tissue and bone without damaging surrounding areas. There is no external scarring because the endoscope is inserted through the nostril and no incisions are required. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

Primary Surgery

The best results are achieved the first time surgery is performed. Our specialists' extensive training in sinus surgery is one of the main reasons Anchorage residents choose ACENT to provide relief from sinus problems.

Revision Surgery

Improvements in sinus surgery during the past 20 years have made it more effective and reduced complications, blood loss, pain, and recovery time. We rarely use nasal packing after sinus surgery and bruising is almost non-existent. If you've previously undergone sinus surgery elsewhere and are still plagued by nasal obstruction or are suffering recurring sinus infections, request a consultation to learn about the advances in sinus surgery that could help you finally attain relief.

PROPEL® Sinus Implant

Whether you're undergoing a primary surgery or a revision surgery, we preserve the results of the procedure with the PROPEL sinus implant. The first of its kind, PROPEL is a spring-like implant that maintains the open pathway surgery creates in the sinuses.

During the recovery process from an ordinary sinus surgery, inflammation or scarring can diminish the results. PROPEL keeps the nasal passageways open from its position in the ethmoid sinuses. Placed during surgery, PROPEL also delivers a sustained, localized release of anti-inflammatory medication (mometasone furoate) slowly over the course of 30 days. The PROPEL implant then dissolves completely over time, so there's no need for us to retrieve it.


Evidence shows that good post-operative care is critical to the successful outcome of sinus surgery. All patients are seen a week after the surgery; additional follow-up appointments are scheduled to manage the healing process toward a good result. We rarely use nasal packing after sinus surgery and most patients tolerate the recovery fairly well.

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Meet Our Physicians

Each of our physicians is board certified in Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery; in addition, Dr. Ellerbe and Dr. Kallman are board certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.