The ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialists at ACENT in Anchorage strive to provide superior medical treatment delivered with warmth and compassion. They are proud of the relationships they build with their patients, and are happy to share some of the kind words written in online reviews and personal thank you notes.

If you'd like to meet with one of the ENT specialists at ACENT, request a consultation or call (907) 279-8800 to schedule your appointment. For our Homer and surrounding patients, please call (907) 235-0310.

"[You] performed a life changing sinus surgery for me several years ago. Prior surgeries with other docs offered me no relief. [You were] able to fix my sinus problems from which I suffered for over 12 years! Best of all, my surgery was a smashing success with very minimal discomfort. Relatively painless with a very quick recovery. What more could I ask for? Since my personal experience with [you], I have recommended [your] services to my friends and family. All have been completely satisfied."

– from www.surveyvitals.com

"Three years ago [you] removed my 13 year old's adenoids at our local surgery center. We went camping later that same day!"

– from www.surveyvitals.com

"Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have met [you]. [Your] knowledge, competence, and patience in describing a procedure and humble demeanor all added up to a very positive overall experience surrounding my surgery. The staff was outstanding as well — always polite, responsive and informative. Thank you all for helping me to breathe through my nose better than I have been able to for the past 10 years, and for giving reason to believe that there really still are some patient, caring people left in the medical industry."

– Mitch, 45 year old after surgery for nasal obstruction

"This office is one of the best, if not the best, medical offices I have personally dealt with. I'm sorry to say, you don't really know how rare that is! Many in the medical field have become jaded and forget what it is like to be the patient. Keep doing what you are doing. You have restored my faith in the medical profession, of which I am a member."

– Donna, 48 year old patient for perforated ear drum surgery

"...your clinic and staff are the best and the service was outstanding. Some offices these days act like they are doing you a big favor by allowing you in the door and the reception, friendly people and the thorough examination was really appreciated. Obviously you work with a bunch of kids as you explained what you were doing and were very patient and gentle when you examined [my daughter]. She too really appreciated being in your office."

– Robert, father of 15 year old adenoidectomy and inferior turbinate reduction patient

"I want you to know that I am doing great and I never got another sinus infection since you did surgery on me. I have not been sick at all. I referred two friends to you and they were treated as well. Thank you for fixing me up."

– Catherine, 46 year old patient after sinus surgery

"I just want to thank you so much for the care you provided my daughter during her surgery. Your acts of kindness and your big hearts will never be forgotten."

– Amanda, mother of 13 year old patient after septoplasty & adenotonsillectomy

"Professional and very knowledgeable. Excellent surgeon. I've had sinus surgery by other doctors in the past. [You were] the only one who (finally) fixed my problems – and then some. [You were] conscientious and took extra steps to achieve success. I am most grateful to have hooked up with someone so well skilled. Office staff is a pleasure to deal with and [you] have one knowledgeable person dedicated to effectively dealing with insurance."

– from www.ratemds.com

"[You were] very patient and thorough. [You] took the time to educate me about my nasal and sinus problems. [You] actually walked me through my CT scan to show me where I had disease and where surgery is done. I never felt rushed. Surgery went great—I'm breathing better and sleeping better than I have in years and I don't get sick all the time any more. Great bedside manner. Super friendly staff."

– from www.ratemds.com

"Thank you. I can't believe I waited 60 years to be able to breathe through my nose and you made it happen. You and your staff...all the way to the billing dept are wonderful."

– Fonda, 60 year old patient after septoplasty and inferior turbinate reduction

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Meet Our Physicians

Each of our physicians is board certified in Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery; in addition, Dr. Ellerbe and Dr. Kallman are board certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.