Audiology Testimonials

“I’ve been a patient at the Hearing Center at ACENT for almost two years and have experienced nothing but outstanding customer service since I first went there. Stephen went out of his way to try and service my then existing hearing aids. When they wore out he worked diligently to try and find new aids that were a good fit for my needs and lifestyle. And all of the staff treat patients like people, not just numbers. I would recommend Hearing at ACENT to anyone with audiology needs!”

– Michael Carlson

“Thank you for touching base with me on my hearing aids. I can hear and understand extremely well. I especially enjoy the choice of increasing the volume as I need to, so I can participate more actively in conversations in a more relaxed fashion.

The program settings adjustments are great so far, with perhaps a slight sound of wind in the background on my right ear only. The dome tips are staying in place and are comfortable for all-day wearing. Occasionally, the ear canal (near the ear opening) feels a bit sore but I am learning each day how to insert the receiver and dome properly, with success.

I do want to make sure I buy some of your accessories, such as the ones for the television and telephones. For some occasions, I may want to also buy what you called an “electronic pen or e-pen”.

Overall, I am very pleased with my hearing aids, the domes and the work you did to help me hear significantly better. I look forward every morning to using them. I am so thankful for your help.”

– Brenda

“I want to thank you for everything you’ve done to help me and be patient with me. It is obvious that you are very committed to your work and truly want to help your patients.”

– Doug