Acne Scarring

Severe acne can leave your skin pitted or permanently scarred. Acne and the scarring it leaves behind may make you self-conscious about your appearance, but acne scarring can be reduced. In Anchorage, skin care professionals at FACES medical spa and laser center use advanced treatments to help patients achieve smoother skin and regain their confidence.

If you have acne scars and would like to learn more about treatment, request a consultation at Alaska Center for Ear, Nose and Throat's medical spa, FACES, or call our office at (907) 279-8800 to schedule an appointment.

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About Acne Scars

The most common reason people get acne scars is genetics. Your body's inflammation response dictates whether you will scar easily or retain a smooth complexion after moderate adolescent acne. Some acne scarring can be prevented by aggressively treating acne and avoiding picking or squeezing acne lesions.

Are Acne Scars Permanent?

Wounds scar as part of your body's natural healing response. Acne creates small, inflamed wounds that stimulate new collagen growth. If the inflamed lesions are shallow, the skin tends to maintain a smooth appearance. Deeper lesions, however, can lead to scarring. Surgical and non-surgical treatments can greatly improve the appearance of acne scarring.

Acne Scar Treatment

Under the direction of our board-certified facial plastic surgeons, our medical spa professionals use state-of-the-art laser and light-energy therapies to address acne scarring. We will recommend the best treatment for your individual needs after a thorough skin evaluation. Learn more about the treatments by using the links below:

Laser skin procedures: We use the Sciton ProFractional™ laser to stimulate collagen production by destroying the skin's outer layer. Acne scarring usually requires more than one treatment to get the best results.

Chemical peels: Medical grade chemical peels exfoliate the skin and spur new collagen growth. They can be especially effective for acne scars when combined with laser treatments.

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Meet Our Physicians

Each of our physicians is board certified in Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery; in addition, Dr. Ellerbe is board certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.