Spider Vein Removal

One of the more common cosmetic concerns we treat is a condition called spider veins, clusters of small red, purple, or blue blood vessels near the skin’s surface. We offer treatment for facial spider veins at our Anchorage skin care and laser clinic, FACES.



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About Facial Veins

  • Superficial facial veins are common around the nose and on the cheeks, especially in fair-skinned people. These are simply broken capillaries or tiny, defunct veins filled with coagulated blood. Risk factors include sun exposure, heavy drinking, and age.

Spider veins rarely indicate more serious health problems but can be treated if you are concerned about their appearance.

I wanted to thank you for your empathy and quality care during my appointment with you. You not only made me feel better but also made me look better. I am very pleased with the JUVÉDERM® that you placed in my face. Thank you again.

Julie 45-year-old patient, after JUVÉDERM treatment

Spider Vein Treatment

There are different treatments to treat spider veins. At Alaska Center for Ear, Nose and Throat, we offer a range of laser skin treatments. A laser’s highly focused light energy damages unwanted veins, effectively spot-welding them closed. It will typically require more than 1 session to get the results desired. Laser treatments are extremely safe when administered by experienced, trained providers.

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