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Chemical peels can be an integral part of basic skin care maintenance. Chemical peels also effectively treat a number of skin conditions including acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and photoaging (wrinkles). When you visit FACES in Anchorage, Alaska, for a skin care consult, the appropriate peel solution will be determined by your skin care specialist who is trained to evaluate your skin and its needs.

Chemical peeling increases the skin's natural turnover cycle which may slow as we age. Repeated, regular chemical peeling can stimulate collagen and elastin, the support structures of the skin and create a smoother, clearer appearance to the skin as well as assisting with the treatment of acne or other skin conditions.

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Chemical peels generally require a 30-minute appointment or longer if combined with extractions for acne treatment. As a general rule, FACES recommends an initial series of peels, once a month for three months and then a maintenance schedule of one peel every two to three months to maintain the health of your skin.

FACES uses medical grade peels from Physician's Care Alliance and VI Aesthetics. Peels can be used for a variety of skin types and conditions. FACES offers the following peels:

PCA Professional™ Enhanced Jessner's Treatments

The following peel formulations are light-to-medium depth which combine lactic, citric and salicylic acids. These peel formulations are appropriate for acne control, fine lines and wrinkles, and creating a smoother skin texture. These peels are available in the following formulas:

PCA Peel® HQ Free Exfoliating Treatment
This peel is formulated for more sensitive skin types, ethnic skin and those allergic to hydroquinone, a skin lightening agent. This treatment will help to clear acne and rejuvenate the skin. Natural skin lighteners included in this formulation can help to even the skin tone and address skin discolorations.

PCA Peel® with Hydroquinone Exfoliating Treatment
For those who have no sensitivity to hydroquinone, this peel will help to correct pigment discolorations including melasma and sun damage. This peel will also help to inhibit acne breakouts and address the skin discoloration which sometimes accompanies acne breakouts.

PCA Peel® with Hydroquinone & Resorcinol Exfoliating Treatment
This is the most intense of the PCA Peel® formulations. It is especially good for thick, oily or resilient skin types and is very effective for sun damaged skin. This peel is also an excellent choice for acne treatment.

PCA Professional™ TCA Peels

PCA trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peels use a blend of a variety ingredients to produce desired results without the downtime associated with traditional TCA peels. FACES offers PCA TCA acid peels available in the following formulas:

Ultra Peel® I Exfoliating Treatment
Ultra Peel® I is especially suited to treat mature, dehydrated skin. Specifically, it can be used for smoker's skin, pigment disorders, sun damage and acne. This peel will produce moderate to aggressive exfoliation, depending on the number of layers applied at the time of treatment.

Sensi Peel® Exfoliating Treatment
Sensi Peel® is best suited to treat ethnic skin and other sensitive skin types. It can also be used to treat and calm the redness produced by rosacea. It also has anti-acne and anti-bacterial properties.

PCA Professional™ Salicylic Acid Treatments

Clarifying Mask
A blend of 20% salicylic acid and cherry extract as well as natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients can help brighten dull complexions and improve acne-prone skin. It creates a feeling of warmth on the skin and can ease the extraction process.

Pumpkin Mask Treatment
The PCA Professional™ Pumpkin Mask Treatment provides skin smoothing and pore clearing action with the high concentration of salicylic acid in this nutrient mask. The Pumpkin Mask works to exfoliate and draw impurities out of the skin while introducing vitamins, nutrients and enzymes into the skin. It also stimulates circulation, is nourishing and promotes healing. Your skin will have a healthy glow following the treatment. There is no downtime associated with a Pumpkin Mask.

PCA Professional™ Oxygenating & Detoxifying Treatments

Detox Gel Deep Pore Treatment
Detox Gel is a potent blend of lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids that penetrate deep in the skin to assist in softening impactions in the pores to make extractions easier. It can also reduce bacteria and inflammation as well as remove excess cell debris. This treatment will leave the skin hydrated and purified.

Vi Peels

VI Peel with Precision Plus
This is a powerful mid depth peel developed specifically to treat stubborn melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and pigmentation. The key ingredients for lightening and brightening are Trichloroacetic acid, Retinoic acid, Salicylic acid, Vitamin C, Hydroquinone, Hydrocortisone, and Kojic acid. It is the ultimate treatment choice for dramatic results. The VI Peel is safe for all skin types.

VI Peel Purify with Precision Plus
This treatment contains the same powerful ingredients for lightening and brightening with the addition of Benzoyl peroxide. This treatment is an excellent option for the client with stubborn, resistant acne. VI Peel Purify is also safe for all skin types. $300 1 peel, $765 for series of 3 peels.

We also offer facials and other customized treatments to boost your skin's health and beauty.

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