Our COVID-19 Policy

Special Plan of Action related to Coronavirus Pandemic

We at ACENT are primarily concerned about your safety and health. We believe that it is essential to reduce all person to person contact unless absolutely necessary. We also understand you will continue to need our services not only for urgent and emergent ENT problems but also for your routine ENT needs that will continue during this pandemic.

After considering all of the available information about the coronavirus, we have developed the following plan of action for ACENT and our valued patients:

  • We will maintain a small team at the ACENT office with normal business hours to handle urgent care needs as well as those aspects of ENT care that require a person to person visit.
  • We ask that you trust our providers to assess your situation and determine whether you need to be seen in person, understanding that at this time any contact with others carries risk . As a result, we would ask that you allow us to do all initial assessments by means of telemedicine video teleconference (VTC).
  • We have put in place a process by which when you contact our office we will arrange for you a scheduled video teleconference visit with one of our providers. We will assess your problem, direct necessary workup and treatment, and determine whether we need to have you come into the office for a face to face visit. Our priority will be to limit the face to face visits to those that are absolutely necessary.
  • While we are normally a referral clinic, we are happy to begin with a VTC to assess your ENT needs without requiring a referral from your provider. You can simply call us or send us a message through our website and we’ll schedule your VTC.
  • We are following national guidelines to perform no elective surgery at this time. If you have the need for an urgent or emergent surgery, we will make that determination using the process above.
  • Because this is such a trying time during which it is difficult to easily obtain medical care, we will be happy to offer the same services for friends or family, providing an option for their ENT needs as well.
  • With regard to VTC visits, we will bill your insurance as we normally would.

We are all in this together; let’s continue to be kind, calm and compassionate to each other.

Dr. Schaffer and the staff at ACENT