Adenoidectomy for Ear & Sinus Infections

Infected adenoids can be treated with medication, but children with chronically infected adenoids may need surgery. An adenoidectomy is sometimes recommended for children with frequent ear or sinus infections, or if adenoids are causing breathing problems. Our board-certified surgeons at Alaska Center for Ear, Nose and Throat perform adenoidectomy surgery in Anchorage at ACENT’s state-of-the-art surgery center for patients from Wasilla, Palmer, and surrounding areas.

Your child’s doctor may also recommend removal of the tonsils at the same time since adenoiditis and tonsillitis go hand in hand. Surgery to remove the tonsils is called a tonsillectomy.

Thank you. I can't believe I waited 60 years to be able to breathe through my nose and you made it happen. You and your staff…all the way to the billing dept are wonderful.

Fonda 60-year-old patient, after septoplasty and inferior turbinate reduction

The best way to determine if your child will benefit from adenoidectomy is to request a consultation online to meet with one of our doctors. Or call  (907) 279-8800 to schedule an appointment. For our Homer and surrounding patients, please call  (907) 235-0310.

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