Skin Cancer Treatment

Because sun exposure is one of the primary causes of skin cancer, lesions often form on the nose, forehead, ears and lips. Removal of these lesions requires great skill and precision to minimize scarring and visible defects. The fellowship-trained specialists at Alaska Center for Ear, Nose and Throat in Anchorage perform skin cancer treatment, as well as repair and reconstruction of facial defects left by skin cancer removal for patients from Wasilla, Palmer, and surrounding areas.



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Treating Skin Cancer

When it is detected early, skin cancer is the most treatable form of cancer. The treatment process typically involves 3 components:

Biopsy — When a skin growth or mole appears suspicious, the first step is to perform a biopsy. A biopsy is done in our office by removing all or a portion of the lesion (called resection) and sending it to a lab. The treatment plan will be based on the results of the biopsy. If the lesion is found to be malignant, further excision may be needed.

Resection — If the results of the biopsy show malignancy, further resection may be required. However, in many cases, the tissue sample from the initial biopsy will have clear margins. The margin is the normal, healthy skin around the edges of the cancer. When the margins are clear, that means all of the cancer cells were removed from the site. If the margins are not clear, our specialists will continue to excise tissue until they find clear pathologic margins.

Reconstruction – Our fellowship-trained surgeons specialize in the repair of defects left by skin cancer removal. Whether the cancer was removed at ACENT or elsewhere, we can handle everything from the smallest of lesions to extensive, multi-stage flap procedures.

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Treatment for skin cancer depends on the type and extent of the cancer, your age, and your overall health. If melanoma is detected, other treatments may be necessary. This will be determined by your oncologist.

If you live in or near Anchorage and think you might have skin cancer, or you need reconstruction after removal, we encourage you to request a consultation online call our office at  (907) 279-8800 to schedule an appointment. For our Homer and surrounding patients, please call  (907) 235-0310.

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