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A droopy or furrowed brow can give the impression that you are always frowning, or that you’re tired or angry. Sometimes, your brows can be so low that they interfere with your sight. For women and men from Wasilla, Palmer, and surrounding areas who come to ACENT in Anchorage, brow lift – often combined with blepharoplasty (a common eyelid surgery) – is an effective solution.



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Our board-certified physicians offer a variety of approaches to brow lift surgery:

Endoscopic – In the past several decades the endoscope has become an effective tool for cosmetic surgery. It is now used frequently for brow lifts. Instead of the single, long incision used in the traditional brow lift, several shorter incisions are made. The physician inserts the endoscope into the small incisions, detaches the forehead tissues from the skull, and then re-attaches them using an implant that will gradually be absorbed. Patients are under general anesthesia during the surgery.

Open – This is a traditional brow lift, also called a coronal brow lift. The surgeon makes a single incision, usually along the scalp, allowing him to adjust muscles and tissue to achieve the desired look. Incision lines are hidden behind your hairline or, in the case of a high hairline, along the natural hairline to prevent increasing the height of your forehead. We perform the procedure with the patient under general anesthesia.

Direct – For patients with deep forehead wrinkles and thinning or absent hair, a direct brow lift can be an excellent option to rejuvenate the upper third of the face. In a direct brow lift, the surgical incision is placed within an existing forehead wrinkle to best camouflage any scars.

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Discomfort is relatively minimal following a brow lift. Keeping your head elevated as much as possible, especially while sleeping and applying cool compresses to the forehead, help speed the recovery. Recuperation time will vary depending on what kind of procedure you undergo. Sutures or staples will be removed a week following your surgery. Bruising and swelling are normal after brow lift surgery and can take up to 2 weeks to resolve.

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