The nose is a central feature of your face, and even slight flaws may upset facial symmetry, or detract from an otherwise pleasant appearance. Rhinoplasty in Anchorage at Alaska Center for Ear, Nose, and Throat is an option if you have problems with the appearance or function of your nose. The board-certified surgeons at ACENT reshape noses for aesthetic reasons, or to open partially blocked airways.

The decision to reshape your nose should be based on reasonable expectations and a solid understanding of what the surgery entails. If you would like to learn more about nose surgery, request a consultation with one of our doctors in Anchorage. You can also schedule your rhinoplasty consultation by phone at (907) 279-8800.

Our highly-trained providers look forward to meeting you and answering all of your questions.

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There are 2 types of rhinoplasty: open and closed. The open technique allows the surgeon to observe the nasal cartilages after making a small external incision and peeling back the skin. It allows for greater access and is generally the preferred method. Closed rhinoplasty surgery involves incisions made on the inside of the nose and is typically reserved for simpler procedures.

Because the closed technique is less complicated, surgery often lasts no more than 2 hours. Open rhinoplasty surgeries will usually require at least 3 hours or more. Surgical time will increase if your rhinoplasty is combined with other facial plastic surgery procedures. Regardless of the approach, it is usually an outpatient procedure performed using general anesthesia.

Swelling and bruising are normal following rhinoplasty, although they are more pronounced and last longer after an open rhinoplasty. Since the ACENT physicians rarely use nasal packing, most patients recuperate with little discomfort after the first few days. Sutures will be removed a week after surgery and follow-up appointments are scheduled for 1 month and 3 months following the procedure. It may take up to 1 year for full rhinoplasty results to be realized.

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Each of our physicians is board certified in Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery; in addition, Dr. Ellerbe and Dr. Kallman are board certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.