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Dr. Andrew's was absolutely amazing !! My daughter has been really sick for quite sometime now and I was having a hard time finding someone that would listen and be willing to help... The receptionist got us in immediately and was just as helpful !! I am so very thankful and will never take her anywhere else !!

thank you dr

Listened to my concerns. Described my condition in a way that makes sense (no pun intended). I am excited to get to breathing better!

Dr. Lorenz was able to help me understand what was causing my symtoms and helped come up with a clear treatment path. I was able to get back to a better place with my health and completely confident while working with him.


Dr. Kokesh is a one of a kind. I was in dispare and needed promt service. He as able to squeeze me in. The care given was second to none. He's a super nice person. Would highly recommend.

Felt safe and well taken care of.

Dr. Lorenz is a thoughtful, caring and competent provider. He listens careful and speaks plainly. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

After spending over a year going round and round with severe fungal ear infections I was finally referred to Dr. Lorenz at ACENT. On my very first appt he immediately recognized my issues and listened to my concerns. He asked what my end goal was and offered up a complete explanation as to surgical options as well as non-surgical. I have never had a doctor explain things so thoroughly in terms I could understand. I opted to go with the surgery and I regret nothing. My quality of life has improved immensly and I am grateful to the entire team at ACENT for the wonderful care I have received.

my ear looks great talented doctor