Understanding ProFractional™ Laser Treatments

When it comes to expectations versus reality with skin, educating our medical spa patients is important. Often, our Anchorage patients want to correct aging, sagging skin, and their first instinct is a facelift. ProFractional laser treatment is an option that can help drastically reduce the signs of aging — without surgery.

The ProFractional laser creates thousands of narrow-diameter channels into the skin, covering a fraction of the treated area. The body’s natural healing response triggers collagen and elastin production, giving you smoother, more youthful looking skin. This will also help reduce scarring from acne.

After a laser consultation, patients are educated on what they can expect. Physicians will prescribe antivirals, Valium for the day of the procedure to calm the nerves, and a pain medication for after treatment. On the day of the treatment, the patient should set up a means of transportation to get home safely.

A topical numbing agent is used one hour before treatment, and a physician will administer nerve blocks for maximized comfort. Numbing eye drops are placed before using eye shields to protect the eyes.

ProFractional plus MicroLaserPeel before and after photos

After the treatment, patients are given a post-laser kit for complementing your treatment at home, including a small Obagi® Skin Care gentle cleanser. Crusting and oozing of the skin is a normal part of the healing process and can last up to 3 days. Some erythema and facial edema is normal; applying cold, moist compresses and sleeping upright on a few pillows at night will help reduce these symptoms. It’s important to stay out of the sun, use sunscreen, and wear a hat to minimize all exposure, as the skin is very fragile and delicate following a treatment session.

Multiple treatments are generally required to achieve the desired affects and can be combined with other treatments, such as a MicroLaserPeel®. A MicroLaserPeel improves the skin texture, tone, and color, yielding more vibrant, healthier skin. This treatment can be done every 4 to 6 weeks and requires only a few days of downtime.

ProFractional plus BBL before and after photos

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